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Everyone needs healthcare, insurance is only one way to pay for it. Here are a few ways that Medical Cost Sharing stands out as a powerful approach to managing healthcare costs.

  1. COMMUNITY – It all starts with a committed group of individuals with the common goal of living a healthy lifestyle and sharing one another’s medical costs.
  2. COST SAVINGS – Members see major savings versus health insurance plans, enjoying peace of mind
    at a much lower cost.
  3. PEOPLE OVER NUMBERS – As a Sedera member you’re never a number, but an integral part of the
    Sedera Community.
  4. A PROVEN MODEL – The Sedera model is built on a 30-year legacy of the healthcare sharing industry
    and borrows from the best innovations of the modern sharing economy.
  5. FREEDOM FROM NETWORKS – You are in control of your medical decisions and are free to choose
    the providers you want to get the care you deserve.
  6. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – Sedera members are active and engaged participants in their healthcare and
    commit to pursuing a healthy lifestyle.
  7. SHARING ON A PER-NEED BASIS – Sharing occurs on a per “Need” basis, in accordance with the “Initial Unshareable Amount” that each member chooses. Reach out to learn more about how the Sedera community is transforming healthcare, together.

Medical Cost Sharing