When did you last review your insurance policy?

Did you know 40% of drivers don’t shop around for better car insurance premiums? People will stick with the same provider and policy, year after year. Never comparing car insurances and paying increasing rates. Why? Because they don’t have time to shop around. Maybe it’s because they think it’s a hastle to switch companies. Whatever the reason, people are paying hundreds if not thousand of dollars in unnecessary insurance premiums. Two identical vehicle insurance policies can vary by hundreds of dollars a year.

car insurance premiums
Here are the annual premiums charged by different insurance companies for standard coverage. They range from $1,451 to $5,702 – a price difference of over $4,000 for the exact same coverage!

Why are car insurance premiums so different? It’s all in how companies determine what your risk profile is and how much time they spend factoring in all the various variables. We try our hardest to reduce costs and provide substancial savings. Howerver, affordability isn’t all that matters when it comes to car insurance. Low premiums also need to balance with:

Here at the Jamie Johnson Insurance Agency we believe in personalizing each of our policies to the needs of our clients. We will do the research, take the time, and provide you with the best savings and policies possible! Just fill out this form and let us do the work!

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