Stop paying for discounts and get real Dental Insurance!

discounts dental insurance

Did you know that most dental plans aren’t really insurance but only provide discounts? A large selection of dental plans are just savings plans. So what’s the difference between a dental savings plan & insurance? The biggest difference is discount plans DO NOT pay for dental expenses, whereas insurance does! YES, you read that, right! […]

Have you reviewed your car insurance premiums? 

When did you last review your insurance policy? Did you know 40% of drivers don’t shop around for better car insurance premiums? People will stick with the same provider and policy, year after year. Never comparing car insurances and paying increasing rates. Why? Because they don’t have time to shop around. Maybe it’s because they […]

What is the right coverage for health and dental insurance?

What is the right coverage for health and dental insurance? There is no such thing as the right coverage for health and dental however, there is what is right for you. Affordable health care plans and dental coverages vary from provider to provider as well as are depended on whether an insured needs short-term or long-term coverage. […]